Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc.

Maatkare Hatshepsut Bulldog Chapter

What is SWING?





 SWING PHI SWING Social Fellowship, Inc.®
is a non-profit organization dedicated to community service, academic excellence and heightening community and cultural consciousness.

The organization's specific purpose is to Support Women In Need of Growth.  Support which facilitates the attainment of goals that are necessary for personal and professional growth. 

The programmatic thrust of this organization is scholarship assistance and collaboration with other organizations sharing a common interest.



Undergraduate Membership

This sector consists of many innovative and dedicated Sisters who enjoy working with many different Sisters worldwide and nationwide. On the various campuses where SWING is represented, our members also work to emphasize the fact that Swing is NON-Greek and not ANTI-Greek. We do not hesitate to work in collaboration with other organizations which have similar goals. Swing Phi Swing S.F.I. , INC. has proudly served next to and worked with members of Divine Nine organizations and Independent Organizations

Swing welcomes diversity in its membership.  She does not have to be the perfect woman, the smartest woman, or even the best looking woman.  We look for the woman who is willing to accept and welcome the diversity of our Sisterhood. We look for the woman able to work hard for themselves and for the organization on all levels and in all aspects.  We want the woman who can carry the name of Swing elegantly, professionally and ethically everywhere she goes.

Any females enrolled in an accredited college/university pursuing a Baccalaureate or Associates Degree, having completed at least two semesters are eligible to apply for membership.  She must have maintained a GPA of 2.7 or better on a 4.0 scale and must be involved in her academic and social community.

You must apply and interview in order to participate in our Rites of Passage Program . A completed application along with the additional required documents must be submitted in order to receive approval as a participant. Membership will be granted after successful completion of the Rites of Passage Program.

For more information, contact the Maatkare Hatshepsut Bulldog Chapter, or visit our National Website.